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Message List

Message List

Message classes

Message class Value Comment
DATA_MESSAGES 0x3 Messages for sending and receiving data
FWUP_MESSAGES 0x4 Firmware update OTA and local
NETSTAT_MESSAGES 0x7 Network statistics and analytics
SETTINGS_MESSAGES 0x8 Network and device settings

Message types


Message type Value Comment
DATA_SEND 0x03 Send data to network
DATA_RECEIVED 0x04 Received data from network node
SLEEPY_DATA_RECEIVED 0x05 Received data from sleepy node
SLEEPY_DATA_MAIL 0x07 Send mail to sleepy node


Message type Value Comment
FWUP_OPEN_SESSION 0x03 Open a firmware update session
FWUP_CLOSE_SESSION 0x04 Close an open session
FWUP_SUBSCRIBE 0x05 Subscribe or unsubscribe to FWUP session
FWUP_STATUS_REQUEST 0x06 Request status of a running session
FWUP_STATUS 0x07 Status of the running session
FWUP_DATA_REQUEST 0x08 Request for binary FWUP data
FWUP_DATA 0x09 FWUP binary data
FWUP_ROLLBACK_REQUEST 0x0D Request rollback in current session


Message type Value Comment
NETWORK_GET_STATISTICS 0x03 Get netstat data from network
NETWORK_STATISTICS 0x04 Netstat data from a device
NETWORK_PING 0x09 Ping a node
NETWORK_PONG 0x0A Response from a node to a ping command


Message type Value Comment
SETTINGS_SET_CREDENTIALS 0x03 Set network ID and encryption keys
SETTINGS_BECOME_ROOT 0x04 Device will become network root
SETTINGS_SET_ANTENNA 0x05 Select internal or external antenna
SETTINGS_COMMIT 0x0A Make network settings effective (needs to be called for network root and network credentials settings to take effect)

Response type

All message classes contains the following response codes:

Response type Value Comment
ACK 0x01 Acknowledgement
ERROR 0x02 Error, response contains error code