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Mira M2M/IoT wireless platform

The Mira M2M/IoT wireless platform provides a stable foundation for wireless communication needs for your M2M or IoT application.

Mira offers unrivaled scalability with thousands of nodes in a self-healing and self-organizing network. Mira utilizes LumenRadio's patented coexistence technology to provide maximum robustness to RF disturbances and minimum effect on other wireless networks.

Getting started

Already wanted to get started? Then, first head over to The Better World Kit page to verify that you have everything and continue from there.


The guide is split into sections. These sections aims at giving a flow of how to get a first prototype up and running, continuing into design phase of the product and later guiding you into production.

  • The Better World Kit goes over how to connect your bits and pieces of your brand new kit to use the example applications. This chapter is all about playing and being able to make a proof-of-concept of your product that will result in a better world.
  • Designing your product guides you through the steps of designing your own PCB for your product. You will learn about design guidelines etc to give you a product with optional performance.
  • Producing your product gives some insights on what to consider when producing your product. Everything you'll want to know (and don't want to know) about reflow soldering, production configuration, etc.

The guide also contains some in-depth sections for all of you that are really into the technical details.

  • Mira Radio Module technical specifications about the Mira radio module. Pinout, electrical specifications, etc.
  • UART API the full message specification for the serial interface when using Mira in hosted mode.

Device modes

The Mira module can be operated in two different modes, Hosted mode and Stand-alone mode.

Hosted mode

In the hosted mode the Mira radio module will act as a connectivity device that an external host processor can use to obtain connectivity to a Mira network. The host processor communicate with the Mira module using a UART API. To run Mira in hosted mode, upload a software file that does not use any network functions. An example of this is the hello-world example.

Stand-alone mode

In stand-alone mode the application will reside and run on the Mira module itself. This allows for cost-effective designs since no external microcontroller is needed.

Mira embeds a powerful ARM® Cortex™-M3 processor and a total of 1MB flash that offers enough performance for most applications, but still offers ultra-low power functionallity to allow for non-routing nodes to run on batteries for many years.

The MiraOS SDK offers a fast and easy way to get started with your applications for Mira.