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MiraOne Evaluation Kit

What's included

In the evaluation kit contains a set of MiraOne breakout boards. These boards has all the pins of the MiraOne module connected to 2.54mm (0.1") pitch pin headers to allow for easy prototyping with breadboards.

The MiraOne also carries some circuitry to allow for easy evaluation of the MiraOne radio module:

  1. USB micro connection for power supply
  2. Push button
  3. RGB LED

How to start playing

To get you started playing with your newly received evaluation we have pre-loaded the modules with a simple demo application that let every node control the color of all the modules' RGM LEDs.

Check jumpers

First, check that all four jumpers are mounted on the 4x2 pin header on the breakout board. These jumpers connects the LEDs and push button to the pins of the MiraOne module.

Power up

First you need to power the devices up. Do this by connecting a USB power supply to the micro USB connector on every breakout board.

The RGB LED should light up to its green state (note: if it joins a network, the color might change according to the state of the LEDs in the network.)

Setting the network up

The software pre-loaded on the boards sets up the network automatically, except for one small thing; one node need to be the network root (we also call this the network coordinator). This node coordinates all frequency hopping, etc. This is typically the gateway, controller, or such, in a real life network.

Since all nodes are loaded with the same software, we need to tell one of them to become the root node. Do this by holding the push button pressed on one node until it starts to rapidly flash its LED, then release the button.

The node is now the root node, and the network will start to form. This may take up to a minute.


Now it's time to start playing. Every time you press the button on one node, it will tell all nodes to update the color of their LEDs.

Getting interesting

So, it's now time for things to become more interesting. Start making your own applications using MiraOS SDK. Contact your LumenRadio sales representative, or email us at