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MiraOS example applications

The SDK comes with a number of minimal example applications, which demonstrate how to use network functions, onboard peripherals, and click interface boards with the least possible amount of code.

Each application consists of at least 4 files:

  • a main C source code file,
  • a makefile,
  • a linker file, and
  • a startup code file.

Each application is briefly documented in its main C source code file. Most applications require jumpers and/or click interface boards to be attached on the development board, so make sure to read the documentation for the application!

The hello_world application is a minimal program that prints "Hello world!".

Onboard Peripherals Examples

The adc_example and gpio_example applications demonstrate usage of the onboard ADC and GPIO peripherals, respectively.

Network Examples

These examples demonstrate network credentials setup and sending and receiving messages.

The network_sender_example and network_receiver_example applications demonstrate network credentials setup and sending and receiving messages, respectively.

The network_example demonstrates network credentials setup and sending and receiving messages, in a single binary to be run on several development boards.

Click Interface Board Examples

These examples demonstrate usage of the click interface boards included with the Better World Kit.

The motion_sensor_example and ir_distance_example demonstrate usage of the MOTION click and IR distance click, respectively.

The relay_example example demonstrates controlling a RELAY click with the onboard button.

Protocol Specific

The i2c_example, pwm_example, and spi_example applications demonstrate using the I²C, PWM and SPI interfaces with the Accel click, BUZZ click, and LIN HALL click, respectively.

The click interface boards used in these examples are not included in the Better World Kit.