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Getting started

Geting started is as easy as...

  1. Unpack your Better World Kit
  2. Connecting the sensors and boards together
  3. Upload demo application

From there you can start to experiment and building your own application.

What's included

So, you've got your Better World Kit, this is what you will find in the box:

The Better World Kit

  • 4 pcs. Mira development boards
  • 1 pc. Mira breakout module
  • 4 pcs. Click interface boards
  • 2 pcs. Motion sensor (PIR) clicks
  • 2 pcs. Relay clicks
  • 1 pc. Hall current click
  • 1 pc. IR distance click
  • 1 pc. Vibra sense click
  • 1 pc. Air quality click
  • 1 pc. USB to TTL UART cable
  • 4 pcs. USB cables
  • 10 pcs. jumper wires
  • 1 pc. Mira provisioning demo dongle

Mira development board

The Mira development board is designed to be Arduino Uno shield compatible. This means that it can be used as an Arduino shield for using Mira in hosted mode, or using it as a master device to use Arduino compatible shields for use in stand-alone mode - where your code runs on the MiraOne module.

Mira Development board

Detailed information about the board can be found on the Mira development board section

Example code


When downloading the MiraOS SDK you will also get a bunch of examples of applications written to run natively on the MiraOne module. These examples can easily be compiled and uploaded to the development boards directly from the IDE. The examples are intended to show basic network communication, multi-threading, I/O, SPI, I2C, etc. Head over to the MiraOS examples section for further details.


Since the MiraOne development board is designed to be Arduino Uno compatible, it can be connected to an Arduino of your choice and get started with building your applications on Arduino using the MiraOne module as the interface to the Mira network. Please refer to the Arduino SDK section for more information.

IoT gateway

The MiraOne development board can be connected to a Linux system (for instance a Raspberry Pi) to create an IoT gateway. In the Python example section you will find an example written in Python that receives sensor data from the Mira network and publish it to a 3rd party cloud platform.