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W-BACnet is based on MiraMesh 2.6.1. For information on how the networking stack works, please refer to the MiraMesh networks page of the documentation.

The W-BACnet product does not utilize any leaf nodes, all nodes connected to an MS/TP device run in mesh mode, while the gateway node connected to the MS/TP device/controller acts as the network root.

Practical considerations

MiraMesh is designed for robustness and power efficiency in difficult radio environments, which comes with a natural cost to throughput and latency. While throughput limitations has negligible impact on BACnet, the latency might.

As a general rule, allow ca 60 ms of latency per network jump from the root node in Round Trip Time (RTT). For example, a node that is 3 jumps away may introduce a latency of 180 ms, compared to a cabled solution. This may have to be considered when configuring timeout parameters on a BACnet MS/TP device/controller.

A general recommendation is to set any timeout parameter on a MS/TP device/controller to at least one second.