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Firmware Update

The firmware in W-BACnet can be updated. The update is performed with Nordic Semiconductors DFU tool over BLE. In order to initialize the update process the module must be started in bootloader mode. There are two options to accomplish this.

  • The first method is to write the Bootloader bit when writing to the App Mode register via the SPI interface, the module will restart in bootloader mode.
  • The second method is to drive the BOOTLOADER pin low and then restart the module with the nRESET pin. Once the module has restarted the BOOTLOADER pin can be set high again.

Once the module is in bootloader mode the module can be found in the Nordic Semiconductor "nRF connect" app for Android or iOS, at which point a standard DFU update can be performed with a package signed by LumenRadio.

The module will restart automatically into application mode again if no BLE activity has occurred in 2 minutes. Performing a reset via the nRESET-pin will also immediately restart the module in application mode again.

For detailed instructions and the latest firmware, please look at our support page.