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W-BACnet reflow soldering specification

W-BACnet is a surface mounted device (SMD) designed to be easily integrated into high-volume production lines including reflow soldering to a PCB. It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to choose the appropriate solder paste and to ensure oven temperatures during reflow meet the requirements of the solder paste. The W-BACnet module conforms to JSTD-020D1 standards for reflow temperatures.


Temperatures should not exceed the minimums or maximums presented in the table below

Specification Value Unit
Temperature Inc./Dec. Rate (max) 3 °C / sec
Temperature Decrease rate (goal) 2-3 °C / sec
Soak Temp Increase rate (goal) 0.5 – 1.0 °C / sec
Flux Soak Period (min) 70 sec
Flux Soak Period (max) 120 sec
Flux Soak Temp (min) 150 °C
Flux Soak Temp (max) 190 °C
Time Above Liquidous (max) 70 sec
Time Above Liquidous (min) 50 sec
Time In Target Reflow Range (goal) 30 sec
Time At Absolute Peak (max) 5 sec
Liquidous Temperature (SAC305) 218 °C
Lower Target Reflow Temperature 225 °C
Upper Target Reflow Temperature 250 °C
Absolute Peak Temperature 260 °C