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What is W-BACnet?

W-BACnet eliminates the need to run control cable for BACnet MS/TP installations significantly reducing time-consuming cable installations, installation planning, troubleshooting, and daisy chaining. A W-BACnet unit can be configured either as a gateway or a mesh node that is connected to the BACnet MS/TP device. A W-BACnet network can consist of up to 100 nodes.

The W-BACnet module is built with LumenRadio’s MiraOS and MiraMesh, consisting of several patented features enabling extremely reliable radio communication, fast installation, and extended range. MiraOS is used in a vast number of installations around the world for building automation, HVAC control, lighting control and industrial sensor networks.

W-BACnet utilizes the international license free ISM band at 2.4GHz.

A W-BACnet network consists of a single W-BACnet Gateway connected to the bacnet MS/TP device/controller using a UART/RS-485 cable and up to 100 W-BACnet Nodes, each of them connected to a BACnet MS/TP device.

The W-BACnet network is built on LumenRadio’s MiraMesh, a self-forming and self-healing wireless mesh technology.

W-BACnet System Overview


  • Mesh network – Cover an entire building, utilizing the mesh network as your infrastructure.

  • Self-optimizing network – The mesh network will always find the best way to send messages through the network between devices

  • Cognitive Coexistence – LumenRadio’s patented technology provides industrial grade reliability and immunity to interference

  • Modular configuration – you no longer need to have the same baud rate in the whole network, supports individual settings for each device

  • Small footprint at 18.5 mm x 33.5 mm

  • U.FL/IPEX external antenna connector

  • Firmware upgradeable via BLE

  • Multiple BACnet MS/TP devices are supported for pre-existing network on the gateway node