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Development Kit

The W-Modbus Development Kit allows you to evaluate and prototype the W-Modbus OEM Module. The kit includes the parts you need to make your first prototype, integrated into your product.

The Development Kit includes:

  • 2x W-Modbus device
  • 1x W-Modbus Devboard
  • 1x W-Modbus shield
  • 5x W-Modbus OEM Modules
  • 1x Patch antenna
  • 1x Dipole antenna
  • 1x Outdoor dome antenna
  • 1x USB Cable

The W-Modbus Development board has the W-Modbus OEM Module mounted, power options via USB and headers to connect to the board. It also comes with a development shield that can be connected to the headers in order to enable a RS485 interface and easy access to the SPI configuration interface.

W-Modbus Development Board

Powering the development board

Powering the development board can be done using the included USB-cable to the J4 micro USB denoted as "USB MIRA".

The jumpers and switches are factory preconfigured and should not be changed. In case of malfunctioning please lift the shield from the main board and check the jumpers and switch position.

S1 Switch should be set to "USB MIRA", while J1, J0 and J10 jumper should be connected with jumpers. See the jumper positions in the picture below.

W-Modbus Development Board


The shield includes some extra components to make it easier to connect to it, like an RS485 interface (J3) and the SPI configuration interface accessible at header J4.

Note that the LEDs, three pole switch, and DIP switch are not used by the W-Modbus OEM Module and are included for future use. Configure the device through the SPI interface.

The shield is powered from the development board.

W-Modbus Development Shield


The pins for the W-Modbus Module can be found at Pin assignmend section.

Relevant pins for the shield can be found below. If UART is to be accessed to bypass the RS485 IC, the pins are shown in the table below.

Pin Name Pin type Description
J4.1 CS Digital output SPI Chip select, active low
J4.3 MISO Digital output SPI Master In, Slave Out
J4.5 MOSI Digital input SPI Master Out, Slave In
J4.7 SCK Digital input SPI Clock
J4.9 IRQ Digital output SPI Interrupt signal, active low
JP12.2 UART_TXD Digital output UART TXD
JP1.4 UART_RXD Digital input UART RXD (3.3V Max)
JP10.3 BOOTLOADER / Push Button Digital input Bootloader entry (3.3V Max) (Pull-up)


The kit includes 3x antennas of different size and performance to be used for evaluation.

Compact Patch Antenna

The Molex antenna is a flat patch adhesive mount antenna for ABS plastic enclosure. It is an indoor ultra-compact antenna that has a double-sided adhesive tape for easy “peel and stick” mounting. The antenna is designed for mounting inside on a PC/ABS plastic enclosure of 1.5 mm thickness. This antenna has a moderate performance compared to the other antennas and range would typically be limited to 500 m line of sight together with the W-Modbus Module.

Molex product number: 1461530100

Digi-Key order code: WM12218-ND

Molex antenna

Dome antenna for outdoor use

A dome antenna for a relativiley compact mounting, outdoor. This antenna needs to be mounted on a grounded metal surface for best performance. Full range performance of up to 1500 m line of sight can be expected using this antenna together with the W-Modbus module.

Linx Technologies product number: ANT-DB1-WRT-MON-UFL

Digi-Key order code: ANT-DB1-WRT-MON-UFL-ND

Linx antenna

2.15 dBi Omni antenna

A high performing omni directional antenna from Lumenradio for best performance. Since it uses an RP-TNC male connector, it requires an IPEX adapter cable. Full range performance of up to 1500 m line of sight can be expected using this antenna together with the W-Modbus Module.

Lumenradio order code: 104-1001

Antenna cable order code: 102-2006

Omni antenna