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Reflow Soldering

TimoTwo reflow soldering specification

TimoTwo is a surface mounted device (SMD) designed to be easily integrated into high-volume production lines including reflow soldering to a PCB. It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to choose the appropriate solder paste and to ensure oven temperatures during reflow meet the requirements of the solder paste. The TimoTwo module conforms to JSTD-020D1 standards for reflow temperatures.


Temperatures should not exceed the minimums or maximums presented in the table below

Specification Value Unit
Temperature Inc./Dec. Rate (max) 3 °C / sec
Temperature Decrease rate (goal) 2-3 °C / sec
Soak Temp Increase rate (goal) 0.5 – 1.0 °C / sec
Flux Soak Period (min) 70 sec
Flux Soak Period (max) 120 sec
Flux Soak Temp (min) 150 °C
Flux Soak Temp (max) 190 °C
Time Above Liquidous (max) 70 sec
Time Above Liquidous (min) 50 sec
Time In Target Reflow Range (goal) 30 sec
Time At Absolute Peak (max) 5 sec
Liquidous Temperature (SAC305) 218 °C
Lower Target Reflow Temperature 225 °C
Upper Target Reflow Temperature 250 °C
Absolute Peak Temperature 260 °C