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Pin Assignments and Functions

This section describes the pin assignments and pin functions.

Pin assignments

Module seen from the top

Pluggy Radio Module Pinout

Pin functions

Pin Name Pin type Description
1 VSS Power Ground (0V)
2 DMX_RXD Digital input DMX RXD
3 DMX_TXD Digital output DMX TXD
4 LINK_SW Digital input Link control switch input
5 STATUS_LED Digital output Status LED
6 VDD Power Power supply (5V)
7 N.C. No connection Internal use only - do not connect
8 RS485_DIR Digital output RS485 driver direction
9 RGB_RED Digital output RGB LED red signal
10 RGB_BLUE Digital output RGB LED blue signal
11 FLEX_MODE Analog input Flex mode selection pin1
12 RGB_GREEN Digital output RGB LED green signal
ANT RF ANT RF Antenna connector

1 Only on FX model

Minimal Application Circuit

Minimal Application Circuit