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Product marking

Products containing a Pluggy module shall be marked such that it is easy to identify the presence of LumenRadio's CRMX technology within the product. LumenRadio artwork is available by contacting us at

In marketing materials the radio link shall be referred to as either a "wireless link", "LumenRadio wireless DMX", "CRMX wireless DMX", "LumenRadio inside", "Powered by LumenRadio" or similar. Additional body text is acceptable to explain this is a DMX receiver.

Product documentation and menu systems

When referring to the Pluggy module and related behaviors within documentation and menu systems, the system should be referred to as a "wireless link" and/or "CRMX" (or derivations thereof).

Suggested terms and definitions are contained in the table below:

Term Definition
CRMX Wireless link The top level term used to describe the CRMX radio system
Linked The CRMX radio system has been linked with a compatible transmitter.
Unlinked The CRMX radio system is awaiting linking from a compatible transmitter.

Logo Syndication

By using CRMX modules in your product, you become one of LumenRadio's valued partners. Our website and catalog carry an array of partner logos and it is expected that your logo will be included alongside these. Marketing information, logos and case studies can be sent to the marketing contacts for inclusion in future marketing efforts.