This documentation relates to Pluggy with firmware version or later.

What is CRMX™

CRMX is an acronym for Cognitive Radio MultipleXer - it is the first smart wireless system to automatically and continuously adapt to its surroundings in real time. CRMX was specifically developed to meet the demand for reliable, easy to use, and cost effective wireless lighting controls.

CRMX Pluggy FX and Pluggy RX

Pluggy Radio Module

Building as a pin compatible replacement of the W-DMX TiNY module, LumenRadio offers CRXM Pluggy - the first plug-in module compatible with CRMX, CRMX2, W-DMX G3, G4S and G5.

Pluggy is tested according to ETSI EN 300 328 (v2.2.2) as well as pending FCC certification with a modular approval up to 100mW.

Pluggy allows for a flexible integration where the option to install the module or not can be done late in the manufacturing process, or even post-sales by a certified service technician.


  • Receives CRMX2, CRMX Classic, W-DMX G3, G4, G4S and G5.

  • Transmits CRMX Classic, W-DMX G3 and G4S (FX version only)

  • Supports ANSI E1.11 - DMX512-A and ANSI E1.20 - RDM (RDM in RX mode only, FX version only)

  • Cognitive coexistence - dynamically avoids occupied frequencies (in CRMX modes)

  • DMX fidelity and frame integrity

  • DMX frame rate and frame size auto sensing

  • Fixed 5 ms end-to-end latency

  • U.FL/IPEX external antenna connector

  • All configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory, 20 years data retention

  • Pluggy contains upgradeable firmware for future proofing

  • Over-the-air firmware upgrades