Universe metadata

Universe metadata

CRMX transmitters may transmit some universe metadata information used to identify the received universe on the receiver side. These are;

  • Universe name: A 16 character string with a human readable name identifying the universe.
  • Universe color: RGB code for an LED that can easily be used to visually identify the universe by color.

Universe Name

The universe name is an up to 16 characters long textual name of the CRMX universe. When operating in RX mode, this information is available by reading the universe name register. In TX mode the first 16 characters of the DEVICE_NAME will be used. Device name can be set either via SPI or from the CRMX Toolbox app.

Universe color

The universe color is a help in identifying what receivers are linked to a particular one transmitter. By selecting a color at the transmitter, this color code is automatically distributed to all linked receivers.

When operatig with transmitters that does not support universe color the indicated universe color will be green.