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Reference design

Reference design files

A complete reference design including PCB layout and PCB design guide lines is available from LumenRadio to make integration easier. Please send your inquiry to for more details.

Reference schematic BOM

Optional components such as RS485 driver is not included in BOM below

Position Value Manufacturer Manufacturer Item No. Vendor Vendor Item No.
C2, C3 100nF 0402 X7R Murata GRM155R71C104KA88D Digikey 490-3261-1-ND
C4, C5, C8 47nF 0402 X7R Murata GRM155R71C473KA01D Digikey 490-6335-1-ND
C6, C7, C9 15pF 0402 NP0 Murata GJM1555C1H150JB01D Digikey 490-3117-1-ND
C11 2n2 0402 X7R Murata GRM155R71H222JA01J Digikey 490-6359-1-ND
L1 - Johanson 2450BM14A0002T Farnell 2148533
U3 - LumenRadio CRMXchip 24DMX512 - -
Y1 16MHz NDK NX5032GA-16MHZ-STD-CSK-4 Digikey 644-1187-1-ND

Reference schematic

Typical Application Circuit