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LED Outputs

Status LED

The status LED (STATUS_LED) indicates the status of TiMo module. The LED indicator pin is a 3.3V output pin capable of sourcing 20mA. An appropriate current limiting resistor must be connected in series with the LED.


Constant off (0V): Not linked to any transmitter

Flashing: off (0V) 100 ms / on (VDD) 100 ms: linked to a transmitter, but no active radio link

Flashing: off (0V) 900 ms / on (VDD) 100 ms: Active radio link, no DMX present

Constant on (VDD): Active radio link, DMX data present


The Linked LED (LINKED) indicates whether the CRMXchip is linked to a transmitter or if it is available to be linked. High level (3.3V) on this pin indicates a linked state; low level (0V) indicates that the CRMXchip is not linked.


A high level (3.3V) on the RF Link LED output (RF_LINK) indicates that CRMXchip is within range from the transmitter it is linked to and that an active radio link from the transmitter is present.


The DMX LED (DMX_LED) indicates if a valid DMX stream is received. A high level (3.3V) indicates that DMX is present, a low level (0V) indicates that no valid DMX is present.

Radio level

CRMXchip has 5 output signals for controlling radio level LEDs in the form of a bar graph (RDI_LVL0 - RDI_LVL4). Operation of these, and suggestion of LED colors, can be found in the table below. These are only used for receivers.

Signal name Suggested LED color On when signal quality
RDI_LVL0 Red below 10%
RDI_LVL1 Amber / Yellow above 20%
RDI_LVL2 Green above 40%
RDI_LVL3 Green above 60%
RDI_LVL4 Green above 80%