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This page describes needed tools and shows how to build MiraOS examples.

Needed tools

For nRF targets

The versions used to build and test Mira are noted here.

For NXP targets

The versions used to build and test Mira are noted here.

Compiling and flashing


Mira comes with a build system based on Makefiles to build, link and flash the example applications. It assumes the needed programs are in the program search path (PATH).

To build an application, simple runt the command make in the application directory, and soemthing similar to the below will show:

~/libmira/examples/miraos/blink$ make
  CC        blink.c
  CC        ../../libmira/platform/nrf52832-os/isr_vector.c
  LD        blink-nrf52832-os.elf
  OBJCOPY   blink-nrf52832-os.hex

Now the application has been built and can be flashed/uploaded to the board.

To build for a different target, either update the TARGET line in the Makefile or write TARGET=mkw41z-os, TARGET=nrf52840ble-os etc after make.

The available targets can be seen in the libmira/platform folder.

If the application you want to build is moved, you may need to tell the build system where libmira has been unpacked. That is done by either changing the Makefile or writing LIBDIR=/path/to/libmira after make.


To flash the application, make sure the board(s) are connected to the computer and run the following command:

~/libmira/examples/miraos/blink$ make flashall

The application will be uploaded to all connected boards. If you wish to upload to only one of the connected boards, you need to specify the board ID. First, to find out the IDs we can use the nrfjprog tool to list the IDs of the connected boards:

~/libmira/examples/miraos/blink$ nrfjprog --ids

To flash the board with ID 123456789 run this command:

~/libmira/examples/miraos/blink$ make flash.123456789

Note: The targets flash and flashall will first rebuild the application if needed.

Cleaning your build

To clean the build to get back to a clean state, run makewith the cleantarget:

~/libmira/examples/miraos/blink$ make clean
rm -rf obj_nrf52832-os
rm -f blink-nrf52832-os.*