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MiraOS/MiraMesh uses dynamic memory allocation during the mira_net_init call. The memory can be allocated using a user defined allocation function or a buffer can be given to MiraOS to use for allocation.

After mira_net_init has been called, no more memory is allocated. If it is allocating from a buffer, use mira_mem_buffer_get_usage() to get the total memory usage.




Create a buffer of a given size and use it with mira_mem_set_alloc_buffer()


Name Description
_SIZE The size of the memory block



typedef void*(* mira_mem_alloc_callback_t) (mira_size_t size, void *storage);

Callback to return a newly allocated memory block

If successful, return a pointer a memory block of at least size bytes. Make sure the memory block is aligned.


Name Description
size The size of the memory block
storage A pointer passed to mira_mem_set_alloc_callback()



mira_status_t mira_mem_set_alloc_callback(mira_mem_alloc_callback_t alloc_callback, void *storage);

Set a callback to allocate memory.

If the system already implements a version of malloc, set a callback that can map memory allocation to the memory allocation routine available in the system.

If using this method of allocation, no other mira_mem_set_alloc_*() should be used.


Name Description
alloc_callback Callback to be called for each allocation
storage Pointer to be directly passed to callback


mira_status_t mira_mem_set_alloc_buffer(void *buffer, mira_size_t size);

Set a memory buffer available for memory usage.

If the system doesn't handle memory management itself, a static memory buffer can be used for internal memory management of Mira.

Pass a statically allocated RAM buffer, which can be managed by Mira internally.

The buffer is expected to be aligned to the CPUs native alignement.

Note that once set, the buffer can't be released.

If using this method of allocation, no other mira_mem_set_alloc_*() should be used.


The convenience macro MIRA_SET_MEM_BUFFER(size) creates a buffer and sets it with this function.


Name Description
buffer Memory block to use for storage, aligned
size Size of memory block


mira_size_t mira_mem_buffer_get_usage(void);

Get current dynamic memory usage, when using the static buffer

Get the current usage in the dynamic memory buffer.

When using any other method than alloc_buffer, the return value is undefined.