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Network Extender

Use a MiraUSB device or other device to extend your network.

Quick start guide

The quickest way to getting a network extender node running is to use a MiraUSB module.

Install network extender firmware

On a MiraUSB module:

nrfutil dfu usb-serial -p /dev/[YOUR_SERIAL_DEVICE] -pkg network_extender-nrf52840ble-os.dfu

On a development board without DFU bootloader:

nrfjprog --program network_extender-nrf52840ble-os.hex --pageerase

Configure Network Extender

./ -d /dev/[YOUR_SERIAL_DEVICE] -p 0x12ab34cd -k ab55aaffba55aaffcd55aaffdc55aaff -r 0


change serial-port, PAN-id, key and rate as needed

Serial configuration protocol

The Network Extender can be configured by open a serial connection to the device (11500 baud, 8N1).

Command Description
reset Reset CPU
dfumode Reset CPU to device firmware update mode
version Version info
config show Show config
config set_key Set encryption key
config set_rate Set rate (0..15)
config set_pan_id Set panid

For questions and requests, please contact LumenRadio.

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