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Introduction to Mira

About Mira

MiraMesh networks offer unrivalled scalability with thousands of nodes in a self-healing and self-organising network. MiraMesh utilises LumenRadio's patented cognitive coexistence technology to provide maximum robustness to RF disturbances and minimum effect on other wireless networks.

Mira consists of three parts:

  • MiraMesh, the MiraMesh networking stack, with built-in IPv6 networking.
  • MiraOS, the small-footprint embedded operating system with MiraMesh built in.
  • Mira Border Gateway, the gateway between IPv6 networks and MiraMesh networks.

Key features

  • Wireless mesh networking
    MiraMesh networks are self-organising, and self-healing. Data is routed through the nodes to reach its destination. This way no extra infrastructure is needed.

  • Ultra-low energy
    MiraOS enables devices to run for over a decade on a single AA size battery.

  • IPv6
    An IPv6 stack using 6LoWPAN ensures compatibility to any UDP/IP based protocol. Feel free to use CoAP, LWM2M, or any other protocol that runs on top of UDP/IP.

  • Universal Radio Protocol Time-Sharing
    MiraMesh supports the use of other 2.4GHz radio protocols while concurrently running MiraMesh. This is achieved by time-slicing and sharing the radio hardware with the end-user, enabling the simultanous use of multiple stacks such as ZigBee, Thead or Bluetooth,alongside MiraMesh.

  • Stand-alone network stack MiraMesh supports a plurailty of other embedded operating systems. It can also be run bare metal.

  • Cognitive coexistence
    As the only wireless mesh stack MiraMesh offers reliability through the use of LumenRadio's patented cognitive coexistence technology. This technology ensures resilience towards external disturbances and minimised the effect to other wireless networks.

  • Multi-threading
    MiraOS offers multi-threading through a light-weight thread handling mechanism.

  • Commissioning friendly
    MiraOS is commissioning friendly by offering multiple ways to commission a network. For example, devices can be commissioned using near-field communication (NFC), Bluetooth or any other preferred method.

  • Multi-platform
    Mira supports multiple platforms today. Look here for a full list of supported boards and platforms. More could be added on requests, contact LumenRadio for more information.

  • Professional support
    When purchasing Mira you will be able to use our professional support. We have long experience from designing connected devices, and we are able to help you through your process - from proof-of-concept to final product - through offering design review, certification help, software help, etc.

  • Certification-proof MiraMesh is compatible with the RF requirements of RED (Radio Equipment Directive) according to EN 300 328 v2.1.1 as well as FCC part 15, subpart C.